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Your personal moola manager

OneMoola helps you organise your financial life into clear personal goals and shows you smart ways to invest in order to achieve them quicker

Everything in one place

With your free OneMoola account you can view and track your investment performance and progress against your goals anytime, anywhere in one place.

This is taking transparency in the financial services to whole new level. And we're committed to it.

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Begin to see your money differently and unlock its full potential. With your OneMoola account you are able to easily see how your money would likely grow.

Unlock your personalised account and see your moola working for you.

Built for people with dreams & goals

OneMoola's vision is to have one inclusive platform for ordinary people from all backgrounds to manage all their moola in order to fulfil their life dreams & goals.

If that's you then you've come to the right place.

We only work for you

We are an independent financial service provider. This means we do what we believe is right for you.

You're in full control

Deposit and withdraw your money anytime, anywhere at no charge. Your money. Your decision.

Everything is personal

Get personalised financial advice at your fingertips that is backed by years of expert research.

Safe & secure.

All your financial information is encrypted in a secure locaiton that is monitored 24/7.

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